Monday, June 18, 2012

[Product Review] Facial Essence Treatment by SKII

 Hi people! I am back. And this time with a product review. I do actually buy a lot of beauty products, thanks to my ever changing skin conditions. 

For the previous year, I was having a couple of skin problems, namely, acne, stubborn whiteheads, occasionally the cystic acne and dull complexion. Every time my skin misbehaves itself, my confidence level automatically drops. I find myself not being able to leave house without make up, especially my foundation. The sun helps my skin no further. As time passes, I've noticed a couple of spots, or what women call....PIGMENTATION. Because I am relatively fair, these pigmentation often looks like freckles. 

My skin is starting to be sensitive as well! Every time I take a walk under the sun, there is a painful sting to my skin. Being ignorant, obviously, I figured it was normal....until....I went for a facial session with Skin Serenity using Thalgo products. Even the beautician mentioned about my sensitive skin and how dry and dehydrated my skin is, it is difficult to do an extraction on me.

That's when I decided, I needed a miracle!

I've been itching to get the SKII Facial Essence Treatment for the longest time. I've heard so much reviews about it and spent so much time reading on it. Some bad reviews, some dubbed it the 'miracle water'.

I went out to get a 75ml bottle of the dubbed 'miracle water'. It is an added step in my facial routine: cleanse, tone, essence, moisturize. 

My take on it after 10 days?

LOVE IT MAX! Am starting to even think I won't be able to live without this. After using it for 2 days, there was a purging effect. But it recovers fast, and my skin purged even up till now. There are several reasons why I love this.

First, it is a miracle to dehydrated skin. My skin feel utterly soft every time I use the FTE. My dehydrated skin was the cause of stubborn whiteheads. Besides the purging effect, it is so much more easier to extract impurities these days. No more nail marks or scars from hard extractions.

Secondly, because of its ability to hydrate skin, I find that I don't oil that much anymore. Usually when I get to work, without the FTE, I start to oil at 10.30am. With the FTE now, I only start to oil after lunch and that's also because the weather is extremely warm and humid outside. Thumbs up for its oil control properties! I no longer feel so attached to my facial blotters.

Lastly, I love how it makes my skin look 'alive'! 

Of course, there are some downfalls. Besides the purging effect, if I stopped using the FTE for a day, there is a vast difference in my skin tone. It becomes dull and oily, until the next application. It appears to be relatively an addictive item. 

Would I buy again?

If there was a zombie apocalypse, I'd stock up on the FTE before my Maggie! lol. Kidding. But it's a definitely a repurchase for me. Am even thinking of getting the 330ml bottle after I finish this.

 I now feel so much more confident about my skin! Pictures above were taken only 3 days after using the FTE, and of course, without any make up. :) It worked for me.

How are the Mega Sales treating you? Not very good on my wallet, but will try to control from now on!

The air is not healthy out there these days, so people, stay indoors as much as possible and make sure you get a substantial amount of water intake daily!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last @ Kampachi

 I promised to blog, but clearly, it was a failure. I am a failure! Haha. I find too many reasons not to update. But the whole idea of updating is so one day, I'd be able to look back and see how I was when I was way younger.

These are pictures from March. THAT old pictures. Gotten the news that the authorities were going to abolish Equatorial Hotel. My childhood memories were literally all made there. I love love LOVE Kampachi. And nope, it just isn't the same as the one in Pavilion. The taste and the ambience and the people. Before they closed the place, I took a last trip there with my family in conjunction with my sister's birthday.

I made sure I called all my favourites on the menu.

Sashimi was fresh as usual.

One of my utmost favourites! Beef teppanyaki, medium rare. It was made perfectly. And don't forget the crispy garlic slices!

 My mum's favourite. The Sanma Shioyaki. One of items in my must-order list!

I love tofu, so the Agedeshi Tofu is on my list too! Even when I visit other Japanese restaurants, the Agedeshi Tofu will always be on my order list. :) woots!

 The Ebi Tempura is a rather simple dish but my sisters have this ordered since she was young and there's just so much memories with this dish.

This time around, I brought my man. It was his first and last time at Equatorial's Kampachi and he, like me, loves the Beef Teppanyaki! 

My last time to Equatorial Hotel was filled with emotions. Found myself taking pictures with almost everything there, the vase, the couch, the spiral staircase. Hope the building will be up in no time! I literally grew up there.

Now that tomorrow is a working day, I shall snuggle in bed and dream away! :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

New hang!

 When I logged in, the new blogger layout kinda made me hesitate to blog. I am definitely not a tech savvy person and in fact, blogger's 'not the easiest' method of posting pictures up never really did encourage me to blog. 

Lost my internet connection for about a week plus and was itching to blog then. With my boyfriend always away for snooker training (yes, snooker is his latest OBSESSION), I have loads of spare time on my hands. I just want to occupy my time! Kind of promised myself to blog when I got my internet back. Hope this blogging mojo stays for awhile. Notice how I am always gung ho for a short period of time? 

These are backdated pictures from a long long time ago.

Boyfriend always wanted to bring me to the Hot Air Balloon fest held in Putrajaya and this time, we made it! In fact, boyfriend was sick and I was all set to skip this year. The hot weather will not help his condition much. I was however, disappointed I didn't get to go up those hot air balloon rides. Tickets and rides were obviously limited.

 Damn those colourful hot air balloons! Hopefully, I'll be able to wake up earlier next year so I can get those tickets.

I am in love with this place I stumbled upon randomly one day during lunch time. People, say hi to Publika! In fact, I 've been there so much for the past few weeks, if you have been on my twitter. There are so many variety of cafes and restaurants, all in one place. It is a very artsy mall and I guess, being environmental friendly is one of Publika's concept. Great place for friends to hang out and catch up. I love having dinners with my boyfriend there. 

There's Ben's at Publika, which happens to be one of my favourite restaurants/cafes. Gotta love their Nachos Libre! However, there's a BIG room for improvement for service level at the Ben's at Publika as compared to their outlet at Pavilion. Boyfriend and I waited for almost 30 minutes for a table but clearly there were around 6 empty tables available at that time. Pfffft.

 Ben's at Publika.

 A must order item for boyfriend and I every time we go to Ben's! The Nachos Libre as starters.

 I had their Creamy Chicken Pie but by the time this came, I was already full to the brim! Couldn't finish at all.

And I love BIG at Publika. You can probably find all the rare grocery items at this grocer. Prices are relatively steep but the items are nothing but FRESH! From afar, you can actually smell the fresh aroma of the fruits and vegetables from the grocer. The first time I was there, the scent totally drew me over. I really usually am not the 'grocery' type. 

If you are in no doubt sick of overcrowded malls like 1 Utama or Mid Valley, Publika is a pretty nice place to have a coffee and a slice of cake to just chill for the weekend. I personally love the creative and artsy ambience this place gives. I have visited other restaurants at Publika, namely Plan B and The Bee, which I guess I will blog about the next time around. So if you're looking for somewhere different to hang, Google up Publika for the directions there.

My rantings shall stop there today. It's Monday blues all over again tomorrow. Take care and don't forget to have a fantastic week ahead!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekends for me.

What's your definition of a good weekend?

Well, my definition of a good weekend is a DVD, loads of rest and sleep, a little shopping and loads of time spent with loved ones. It wasn't really the amount of partying that one can do or how much time you spent on getting wasted.

I had such a productive weekend. I caught up with some beauty sleep. Rolled around in bed doing nothing, best feeling in the world, especially when it's raining just outside. Tucked in bed with the air cond blasting and a romantic comedy playing on the laptop. That also includes Mc Delivery for supper! Of course I finished my laundry, washing and ironing for the week.

How was your weekend?

My weekend is usually more fulfilled with a dinner with the boyfriend. This was a couple of weeks ago at Sanbanto at SS2. The boyfriend loves the pork burger and I stole a bite or two from him, admitted, it is scrumptious! I've been there twice and I've tried other items on the menu, but I swear I'd order the pork burger the next time around.

Tied up hair and hairband. Cropped top and denim shorts unseen, for a Sunday dinner with boyfriend.

My BHLT sandwich, my pick for the night. Must say I enjoy my usual BMT from Subway more.

Boyfriend with his pick!

My weekend is usually summed up with a facial session at home. That means cleanse, scrub, steam and mask! This screams for a product review! YAY!

How many of you out these who believes in a hydrating mask? It is one my staple steps in my facial routing besides the cleansing mask (which I am using the Clear Improvement Deep Cleansing Mask by Origins, refer to my post before this).

My skin becomes dull for many reasons. The environment, the unhealthy food, lack of water intake, stress. But this sleeping mask has helped me so much in tackling my problems with dull skin.

I have been looking for a great hydrating mask for the longest time. It need not be a sleeping mask, but surely it is an added advantage. But the danger about sleeping mask is that it may be too hydrating for our skin or it's sticky and may stick to our pillow cases.

When my colleague introduced me to this, I was skeptical and took my own time to read its reviews online. This product seem to have no negative remarks for it! I just had to try it before I concluded.

The Laneige Water Sleeping Pack.
Price: RM100 for 100 ml

Price not too hefty for a sleeping mask as you will only need very little for each application (refer to pic below, smaller than a 10 cents coin). It does come along with a spatula for you to get the mask out of the tub. A tub will probably last me around 6 months or so.

It doesn't leave a sticky or oily texture on your face. You don't see instant results after application but when I wake up after a night of having the Sleeping Pack on my face, my skin is supple and extremely soft. This lasts for at least two to three days. I use the Sleeping Pack at least 3 times in a week. It has really made a difference to my skin.

I used to have pimples on neck but nowadays, after scrubbing, I wipe off the excess mask I have on my hands on my neck. I must say it has made a difference! Less bumps on the neck as well. Hooray!

Mask is a crucial step in my facial routine, I cannot miss doing my mask or moisturizing.

Need to hit the sack like, right now or I'd feel like a zombie tomorrow morning. Sides, the amount of nonsensical items I have to clear from my bed before I sleep is....insane. My bed is in a mess. IT'S MON-FUCKING-DAY TOMORROW! URGH!

Good night everyone! More updates to come soon!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy hauls for happy-popping!

I am clearly at my all time low. I can deal with anything but not a sudden pop of a big red acne above my lip! Ugh. I was thinking of doing a product review but then I need a dose of happy right now.

Work has been taking a toll on me. My October and November schedules up to January will be nothing short of packed. Loads of traveling and crazy back to back flying.

So this is a happy post of my hauls for the past two weeks! Nothing makes me happier than shopping and having better looking skin (sigh).

Omg bought an RM60 acne spot remover by Origins and it stings like hell. I think I am extremely sensitive towards this acne gel. Facial steamer from Watsons, great buy!

Loves. Loafers. Period. I have three pairs, what say you?

Adorable earrings from a stall in the night market. The owl clearly looks too chubby.

Obsessed over panties shopping for the past two weeks.

Sigh, can't wait till the week is over. I need some happy-popping time!

Monday, October 3, 2011

[Product Review] Clear Improvement Mask by Origins

I am back again, after a day. Fuh, improvement I must say. Hope the blogging mojo stays for awhile with me.

Last month was beauty product month for me as I was on the lookout for different skincare products. Since I started my working life, it has clearly taken a toll on my skin. There was the stress and there was also the make up.

Months back, I started having break outs and spots and I thought it was only normal. The pimples were one after another and the boyfriend said it was cause of the bacteria from my hands and fingers as I was always fiddling with it.

Well, I took that into consideration and blamed it on my unhygienic habits. After months and months and months of living with bad skin, I sort of concluded, breakouts happen for a couple of reasons. They're not necessarily due to excessive sebum and oily skin, which most of us usually assumes.

1. Breakouts happen to people with oily skin due to the excessive sebum.

2. It happens because our skin is dehydrated and isn't properly moisturized. When we breakout, we often presume it's the cause of excessive sebum, we wash our face more often and make sure it's oil-free at all times. We may be terribly wrong. Dehydrated skin may cause acne and dullness to the skin! Invest in a good moisturizer and keep your skin hydrated at all times! :D

3. Yes, the boyfriend may be right. Fiddling your face area may transfer bacteria from our fingers and hands to our faces. Be mindful also when you have a habit of only sleeping on one side of your face, yikes!!

4. Breakouts may also be because of wrong skincare products used! This is a really tricky part. There's no one ideal product which fits everyone's skin! And the worst thing, beauty products do not come cheap, no no. Remember to get samples from the beauty consultant and read up on the product online as much as you can before you settle in for one. Be really careful if you are sensitive towards products which has alcohol contents if you have sensitive skin.

5. Make up not removed entirely after a long day. It may clog your pores and cause mini volcanoes (pimples!!). Always always ensure proper removal of make up after a long day.

6. Imbalance hormones. Yes, the men annnnd the women both hate this.

The question is, how do I also ensure my skin is crystal clear? In all honesty, even my skin isn't crystal clear. I have spots, scars, acne and all Asian women nightmare, the oily T-zone. We'd talk about maintaining healthy skin in another post as I have a review for you guys today.

One of my favourite step in my facial routine would be the mask. I usually have three types of mask: hydrating mask, deep cleansing mask and sheet mask. Today I will be doing a review on a deep cleansing mask.

Clear Improvement by Origins - Active Charcoal Mask to clear pores
Price : RM 100 for 100 ml

Got this off the rack two weeks ago. I have been contemplating to get the Aesop Primrose Deep Cleansing masque; but spending RM145 for a face mask is pretty hefty, sides I do not really know how the results would be.

I was torn between the Clear Improvement mask, the Out of Trouble mask (by Origins as well) and the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing mask by Kiehl's. Hours were spent on reading on these three masks and in the end, it was the Clear Improvement or Out of Trouble. I spoke to the Beauty Consultant at the Origins counter, and she said my skin isn't producing excessive oil which cause the breakouts; thus, I really do not need such a strong mask like the Out of Trouble one. She advised me to go ahead with the Clear Improvement as I wear make up, I'd need to have a mask to life impurities from my pores from time to time.

I use the Clear Improvement mask twice a week at most, fearing it'd dry my skin out too much.

Its texture is very clay like. It dries on after approximately 15 minutes or so. The very first time you put it on, it stings for a bit. But it didn't sting anymore after the first time, maybe my skin has gotten used to the mask.

After two weeks, my blackheads are no longer that visible anymore. The breaking out problem is being controlled at the moment. My face feels strangely clean and soft the day after. This has to be accompanied with moisturizer after washing off though, for properly hydrated skin.

I rate this 7/10 for a deep cleansing mask.

Will be back soon for another post on maintaining healthy skin! :D Toodles!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Running everywhere.....

Fuh. Blogspot is trying to mess with me. I typed a long ass paragraph and it just decides to die on me.

The last time I blogged, I promised myself to keep up with my own blog. I failed, miserably. Everytime I thought of penning something down, something bogs me down and 'I-will-do-it-some-other-day'. I've got this long list of excuses on why I have no time to blog. So today I shall do myself a favour and blog whatever crap one month.

As time passes, I no longer bring out a camera to everywhere I go. I only have my savvy little iPhone 4 with me at all times nowadays. Thus the lack in pictures. By the way, the iPhone 5 is soon to be released......and my frigging contract is not over yet! fts. What luck do I have. Shit.

Pictures with Sze Vien during our girly day out!

Close up shot before heading out.

We spent frigging 5 hours in Pavilion. How the fug did that happen! Monetary damage was pretty bad that day.

Was my first at Tokyo Street! And boy were there loads of goodies up there. We didn't really scout around as we were already leaving Pavilion by then. Spent a fair bit of time at Charles & Keith, Sephora, MNG. I made sure she contributed a substantial amount to Malaysia's GDP.

She's finally gotten a pair of flats and I have the same one in a different colour! Woohoo! :D

I am not the kind of person who'd mind a friend buying the same thing as I did, but I mind when you tell me it's not nice and you get it behind me. Fair nuff?

Random shot taken at Kiara Park while my family spent time catching fishes by the stream. Had so much fun! It was something different other being than the usual mall rat that I am. Spent hours in the sun (with the umbrella wtf) looking at the young ones getting overexcited over the mini fishes. We should really do this sometime soon again!

I am sorry if my post seems a bit 'jumpy' from occassion to occassion. lol. As you know, I haven't blogged for quite awhile now.

Movie date with the boyfriend. Caught The Smurfs with him at Tropicana City Mall. Love hate relationship with Tropicana Mall. Nothing to shop, but the cinema is pretty useful. Plus there's Carrefour. Easy to grab groceries while I am there. But shopping there sucks. Yes, I repeat, shopping there sucks.

Haven't done this for quite awhile, huh? Outfit picture.

Cropped biker jacket from Kitschen. Long top (fits as a dress cause I am short like that) thrifted from Cotton On's sales corner. Love the lazy feel the outfit gives. Sides it is so easy to throw on.

Pointless to do a Smurfin' review on the movie right now right? I loved and hated it the same time. It was not a really good time for me and the boyfriend. I hate times when we're not lovey dovey (we're good now though!). But the movie was really uplifting! Go buy a DVD if you haven't caught it....not that I am encouraging piracy, but I myself love pirated DVDs. lol. I love curling up in the bed on a Saturday night catching a romantic comedy.

Face shot. :D Apologize for being vain.

Random night out looking for dessert with the boyfriend. Ended up in Baskins as Delicious ran out of Chocolicious Sundae. I've been itching to try the Chocolicious Sundae as boyfriend said it's scrumptttttioussss. But no, Delicious just has to mess with my foul mood. I visited Delicious in 1u twice, and they apparently have ran out of stock for the sundae....TWICE! wtf.

I am still waiting to try.

I have more to blog. But it's late now, and I should really catch up on some sleep before the week starts again.

I've been stocking up on facial products, beauty products, skincare products. And I thought of doing reviews soon enough. You see, I have monthly moods for buying sprees. Last month was obviously facial products month. too. This month is panty buying month! ftw. Will update on my hauls soon enough.

Fingers crossed, I hope I will be able to keep up with this blogging spirit. Till then! Take care!


Monday, August 29, 2011

raya stretch.

i had such a long day! today was BBQ with the family. tres fun! though was just a satay pit we used, we had so much food, we could feed a village! had a heineken with the boyfriend and my brother in laws, felt like a man! but now i am so sleepy, about to dose off soon. took an annual leave today so i could enjoy a long ass stretch of holidays.

what have you been up to lately? with all the sales going around, can't resist the temptation to grab a few items, all under budget!

awesome buys from jaspal, got a lace corset at 60% off! hubby loves it to the max lol. for the much apparent reason. ballet flats because heels may stress my back a bit over the time.

i've been crazy over accessories! even asked my sister to bag a few from jungceylon when she visited phuket last month (or was it june?).

i love all things feminine, so i got roses, thrifted from, earrings and layered rings from forever 21, bracelets from a stall at jungceylon, pearls from the filipino market in kota kinabalu (when i was there last month), budddderfly ring from olio folio! my favourite has to be the cute ass fat ring from a stall in curve's flea market! ah! how cute.

looks like a multicolored mushroom! i heart my new ring.

other updates on things i've been doing. been having loads of girlie outings. desperately needed times like our girlie outings. bucketful of laughters and loads of girlie talks. me likes! then again, good girlfriends are hard to come by, trust me.

girl's night out at bakita, changkat bukit bintang with vien and some other colleagues and ex colleagues of mine. thought it'd be fun for an all girls' night out!

melina and sophia. didn't get particularly wasted on that night. but since i was driving, i was worried about road blocks, ugh. times like this during this ramadan month!

floral corset from pull & bear and leggings. comfy outfit. :)

mah girls! lol. had a fantastic night out!!

other days out with vien. love this babe of mine. always there any minute any day! desperately had to go to bershka during its opening day.

honestly, i didn't like anything about bershka. their clothes would suit age range of 16 to 20. but not when you are an working adult (ugh i feel old). tad too funky, but still their slim fit pants are quite affordable i must say. one thing i like most is their range of shoes! omg!! gorgeous, but like all gorgeous shoes, it hurts. will get a pair someday, but just not today. lol. from workmanship point of view, just not up to par.

waiting patiently to find something in bershka i would fall head over heels for, then i'd get it! bershka, why you no make something i really really like!

also patiently awaiting for uniqlo's opening in 1utama! :D if you haven't seen 1utama for some time, you should take a look at the newer old wing now. :)

snowflake for supper with my sexy girlfwen.

and last but not least, hubby!!!! :D

hbr1 brought me out for a dinner date at las vacas. recommended for meat lovers and burger lovers like my champion over here. loved the ambience but because we went during the ramadhan month, buka puasa time was packed! vowed i'd try the steak next time around. looks scrumptious! i had the lamb shoulders the first time there, and i have to say i loved it! i couldn't finish it as it was slightly too much for me.

so try las vacas out if you are a meat lover, i am sure you will love every second of it! :D

haven't been updating on my make up / facial regime since God-knows-when. so here's a short update! :D

been on a shu uemura make up routine since January. can't really say i love it nor can i say i hate it. i am a bit torn, can you tell? when i first bought it, it gave me flawless skin and coverage. loved the cleansing oil as well. the face architect (liquid foundation), gives you matte coverage, and it feels as if you have not put any foundation on your face. their make up primer (the UV under base mousse, not sure of its full name) really helped with the oil control.

but down the road, after five months of following this regime, i found rashes at the corner of the eyes. being the corner of the eyes, i was worried and seeked consultation from a medical doctor, wtf. he said it maybe the oil glands changing as we age (sigh, i am aging). i completely stopped using the shu uemura cleansing oil and the rashes has drastically subsided. once in a while, the rashes appear, so i am not sure if it's the cleansing oil, or it's just me. sigh.

been having some problems with my skin lately. i am practically at the lowest self esteem point in my life. i have been having such bad breakouts on my right cheeks. hubby said it is because i have itchy hands. i don't think so! scars are harder to get rid off these days, maybe cause of the age. sigh. i've been trying and slowly mending my skin problem. make up clearly isn't a solution. i've been off the make up for four days now! and my skin is showing some sort of improvement, very very very slowly but i can feel the difference. sigh, i have not used so much acne cream before in my life!!!

changed my biotherm normal to combination range to the skin perfection range. but i think the cetaphil cleanser for acne-prone skin has helped me substantially. let's see two weeks from now if there's any improvement!

lastly, you've got to try this body butter! my sister got this for me from Boot's in phuket but you can get this from any sephora outlet if i am not wrong. smells so damn scrumptious, you'd feel like eating yourself. but it is really really moisturizing for the skin if you tend to sit often in air conditioned places or if you have a habit sleeping in air conditioned rooms. as for me, i like to put it on at night as for me, because the night time is when my skin rehydrates for the very next day!

hope you enjoyed my long ass post. need to pass out now because i'd be having another long day tomorrow. will try to keep updating as i've been losing my blogging touch lately. just cashed out from Nuffnang though! lol. if i don't get the cheque, i'd be so sad!

and if i have any muslim readers out there, selamat hari raya! drive safe, party safe and eat moderately! :D i'd be having my fair share of fun during this raya holidays too. :D

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Massive hitback.

And so, I thought I'd get back to blogging just for the sake of it. Then I thought of doing it all at one go and realize, crap, there's just too many pictures to be compressed in a post. From Christmas right up to Chinese New Year till now.

But anyhow, this blog has never quite been a commercial agenda. It has always been sort of personal to me. Thus the name tinybabybolster because my baby bolster holds most of my memories. So this place, a place for me to keep track of events which happens in life. Then work kicks in, the amount of time I have in a day seemed to have reduced drastically. Then there's the common reason why people stop talking about their lives, why people stop writing, why people forget the joy of penning down and reminiscing about the times before. It becomes sad when I lost touch in life, lost touch with myself. And so I thought, why not?

Wish me all the best, and hope I keep up with the writing momentum.

So here's bit and pieces, and there's really a whole load more to come.

Polka dot days with the girls. Sophia and Cynthia.

Levain, girlie tea time with Vien. It was her first time and you could see the excitement on her face. All girls love girlie tea time sessions, and plus the gossip, there's just nothing like that!

Random shopping outing at Pavilion. Sincerely apologize for the terrible photo quality. Al taken by my iPhone4.

More girlie tea time with this woman. This time at The Loaf, Empire Shopping Gallery. Can't tell you how much I love The Loaf.

The usual crazy session at Subway with out Italian BMTs in our hands, laughing at random topics and the usual 'ohh-ahhs' which keeps us well entertained by each other. With my man. :)

Then there's those once in a while visits to Papa Rich. Some outlets are just so pretty.

Absolute blurred out images. I enjoy my time with my hashbrown very much! Be it total silence over a cup of Java Chip or absolutely giggles over the dinner table or fighting over who offs the lights or the little arguments because just can't agree with each other.

I hope I will be back soon enough to continue updating. I have tonnes of pictures to go. And so much more to tell. I wish I gave a shit about taking more pictures in life. lol. Have a good Monday, but how good can a Monday ever be! BLUEEEEE!