Monday, June 18, 2012

[Product Review] Facial Essence Treatment by SKII

 Hi people! I am back. And this time with a product review. I do actually buy a lot of beauty products, thanks to my ever changing skin conditions. 

For the previous year, I was having a couple of skin problems, namely, acne, stubborn whiteheads, occasionally the cystic acne and dull complexion. Every time my skin misbehaves itself, my confidence level automatically drops. I find myself not being able to leave house without make up, especially my foundation. The sun helps my skin no further. As time passes, I've noticed a couple of spots, or what women call....PIGMENTATION. Because I am relatively fair, these pigmentation often looks like freckles. 

My skin is starting to be sensitive as well! Every time I take a walk under the sun, there is a painful sting to my skin. Being ignorant, obviously, I figured it was normal....until....I went for a facial session with Skin Serenity using Thalgo products. Even the beautician mentioned about my sensitive skin and how dry and dehydrated my skin is, it is difficult to do an extraction on me.

That's when I decided, I needed a miracle!

I've been itching to get the SKII Facial Essence Treatment for the longest time. I've heard so much reviews about it and spent so much time reading on it. Some bad reviews, some dubbed it the 'miracle water'.

I went out to get a 75ml bottle of the dubbed 'miracle water'. It is an added step in my facial routine: cleanse, tone, essence, moisturize. 

My take on it after 10 days?

LOVE IT MAX! Am starting to even think I won't be able to live without this. After using it for 2 days, there was a purging effect. But it recovers fast, and my skin purged even up till now. There are several reasons why I love this.

First, it is a miracle to dehydrated skin. My skin feel utterly soft every time I use the FTE. My dehydrated skin was the cause of stubborn whiteheads. Besides the purging effect, it is so much more easier to extract impurities these days. No more nail marks or scars from hard extractions.

Secondly, because of its ability to hydrate skin, I find that I don't oil that much anymore. Usually when I get to work, without the FTE, I start to oil at 10.30am. With the FTE now, I only start to oil after lunch and that's also because the weather is extremely warm and humid outside. Thumbs up for its oil control properties! I no longer feel so attached to my facial blotters.

Lastly, I love how it makes my skin look 'alive'! 

Of course, there are some downfalls. Besides the purging effect, if I stopped using the FTE for a day, there is a vast difference in my skin tone. It becomes dull and oily, until the next application. It appears to be relatively an addictive item. 

Would I buy again?

If there was a zombie apocalypse, I'd stock up on the FTE before my Maggie! lol. Kidding. But it's a definitely a repurchase for me. Am even thinking of getting the 330ml bottle after I finish this.

 I now feel so much more confident about my skin! Pictures above were taken only 3 days after using the FTE, and of course, without any make up. :) It worked for me.

How are the Mega Sales treating you? Not very good on my wallet, but will try to control from now on!

The air is not healthy out there these days, so people, stay indoors as much as possible and make sure you get a substantial amount of water intake daily!

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